Forest Path



This sudden splash into pure wilderness-

baptism in Nature's warm heart-how utterly happy it made us!

                            -JOHN MUIR



Air Maine Adventures 

connects folks like you with the freedom of an outdoor adventure stay primarily in Maine, but truly without limits.  Air Maine provides all the gear you will need to make your outside time comfortable, easy and fun.

Our story started when we took

a much needed break from our daily work to satisfy a craving for connection with each other and our three young children. 

A two week east coast road trip in a

VW Eurovan resulted... and we wound up with the above accomplished and so very much more.  It changed how we looked at 'time off' forevermore.  That was 10 years...and a lot of camping ago!  Now we have six children and have expanded our mission to include YOU!

I don't like to doze by the fire.  I like adventures and I'm going to find some.







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The Flairstream

Cozy cabin on wheels

2017 Airstream Flying Cloud, sleeps 7

Available May-October

Towne Cove Camp

Maine getaway on the shores of Lake Hebron, built in 1920, sleeps 6

Available year round

Air Maine Van

2021 Airstream Interstate for classy camping and smooth mobility, 

sleeps 2

Available May-October

Sky Blue View

Tepui rooftop tent on a 2019 Toyota 4-Runner, sleeps 3 (Limited Availability) May-October


We take the current pandemic situation very seriously.  Air Maine is committed to cleaning, sanitizing all surfaces and linens, as well as spacing stays to ensure pure air quality and surface sanitation for your adventure!! 

In addition, we offer self check in/out for Towne Cove Camp.



We hope to share our experience, knowledge and equipment so you can experience the joy of outdoor adventure and the fellowship that can result

Our calendar is open for you and yours

Want to hear more? Leave your info and we’ll get back to you.

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